5 Important Packing Tips for Your Move

Packing those boxes is the biggest chore bestowed upon you when it’s time to relocate. Although packing a box is fairly easy and a task most anyone can complete, there are tricks to keep in mind that can make the entire experience easier. Keep the information below in mind if you want to ease packing stress during your move.

1.    Quality Boxes: So many people scoop up the egg cartons from the supermarket to pack their belongings into. The boxes are free and readily available, after all. However, using boxes that are used already may cause damage and a lot of headache you’d probably rather avoid. It’s best to buy your moving boxes in st louis mo from a professional. They only cost a couple bucks each and keep your belongings safe.

2.    Don’t Over Pack: Make sure that you do not over pack the boxes. If you over pack the boxes, you’ll risk throwing out your back or the bottom falling out of the box, which may result in damages to your items.

3.    Start Early: Last-minute packing oftentimes results in mistakes, mishaps and damages. Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing boxes when you know well ahead of time the task is there to complete. You’ll be far better off when you take the time to pack correctly.

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4.    Label Boxes: A black magic marker is your friend during the moving process. Use it to label the outside of all of your boxes with the contents inside. Properly labeled boxes make life easy when you arrive at the new home.

5.    Create a Packing List: A packing list is another beneficial item that you need to enjoy a smooth move. With this list, you can easily find all of your belongings when they’re needed and make sure things get done in a timely manner.