5 Things You Can Put in a Storage Unit

Storage units provide space to keep your belongings when you have no other room for them. Sometimes we own things that we simply cannot part with, yet don’t know what we’ll do with them. Renting a petaluma storage unit always provides the solution. Take a look below to learn 5 of the things that can be placed inside a storage unit when you are without the space at your home.

1.    Household Goods: Many people use storage units during relocation. You can easily store all of your household goods inside of a storage unit, from items in the kitchen and bedroom to furniture.

2.    Musical Instruments: Perhaps you have downsized your home and no longer have the space for your musical instruments that you once did. Rent a storage unit and rest assured they’re safe and secure.

3.    Antiques: Antiques are valuable and we want to keep them in our lives, especially those with sentimental value or when we are reselling antiques. If you are in this boat, rent a storage unit to stay above water.

4.    E-Commerce Business Items: Many people operate their own ecommerce stores these days. Are you one of those people? If so, it’s easy to clutter your house with the items that you sell, but a storage unit provides a ‘business center’ to prevent that disaster.

5.    Boat/Car: Yes, boats and car storage is available. Storing your boat or car inside of a storage unit prevents damage caused by weather when it is not in use. Protect your investment with a storage rental for just a few bucks each month.

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Storage units of various sizes offer the space that you need to store any of the items above and so many others. Storage units are easy to rent, affordable, and make life easy when it is most important.